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Frisco Architects and Design is a design-build, remodeling and construction company with offices in the North Texas Area. We specialize in residential additions, commercial construction, kitchen remodeling and home renovation. Our team has decades of experience designing custom homes, building multi-family housing projects and renovating old buildings into modern living spaces. So here at Frisco Architects and Design, we provide our clients with top quality design services they can rely on from start to finish.

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What We Do: For innovative custom home design, you need an interior designer. When designing a room addition, construction project or custom home, we take the time to listen and understand your needs. From there, our architects will come up with an innovative design that's tailored specifically for you. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

When designing a room addition, construction project or custom home, we take the time to listen and understand your needs. From there, our architects will come up with an innovative design that's tailored specifically for you. The more effort we put into understanding your needs from the start, the better off you'll be in terms of creating something truly unique for your home! When it comes to designing a room addition, construction project or custom home, you must ensure that the project management process is designed at an expert level, end-to-end!

When it comes to meeting deadlines and making sure every detail is handled onsite and efficiently, Frisco Architects provide the best service near you.

Our Services

Architects Near Me

We proudly own the "architects near me" local company title that you can only get from a local architect firm. We handle the building phase end-to-end: we begin with an architect drawing and 3D rendering of your project. This drawing is then supplemented by a design build and physics analysis by our technical architects and engineers, who handle projects from room additions and office build-outs to commercial landscape design and metal buildings. If you're looking for home remodeling, home additions, and custom home designs, our architect services will be sure to blow you out of the water. We're a local architect firm with over 30 years of experience. We offer everything from architectural design to home plans and even site inspections. Our expert team is dedicated to providing you with the best service possible, every time! In addition to our in home consultations, giving us a call has never been easier. You'll speak directly with one of our architects who will answer all your questions and send over some free samples for how it could look in your space. We want to be there every step of the way, making things as easy on you as possible from start to finish. So if quality service matters

Design Build

Having an architect drawing is the essential first step to making your custom home or design build come to life. Our architectural drawings are a full service that balance the creativity of your design with the technical architect skills of a professional firm. We provide free 3D renderings of your residential build, commercial design build, and industrial buildings. These 3D architect drawings will bring your design to life, allowing a full visual of the project you wish to create! Our architect and design firm creates interior drawings and interior layouts for both commercial and residential builds.

Commercial Architects

Looking for "commercial architects near me" to handle your commercial design services? Frisco Architects and Design provide end-to-end construction project management services to ensure that your design build construction project is a head-turning, elegant build. Our commercial design services include commercial building design, tenant finish out and commercial suites, space planning and orchestration, multifamily and townhome construction, commercial remodel contractor service, and commercial addition building. As a premier builder firm in Frisco, we take a tremendous detail into account when orchestrating the production of any commercial build or layout.

Residential Architects

Our residential architect services handle a variety of residential builds and projects. Our residential design services include custom home design. We specialize in modern residential home builders, old world residential home builders, and Mediterranean home builders. These custom homes are further broken down by our home remodeling contractors who create interior design and layouts that match the beautiful theme of your residence. Furthermore, room additions and accessory buildings such as sheds, cabanas, patios, barns, and outdoor garages are all residential architect projects that can be discovered through our expertise.

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Our architects specialize in creating house plans for house extensions, additions, and loft conversions in Frisco. These plans will be tuned to your liking, whether you reach them through a design firm or an "architect near me firm" like us. Regarding your home, it's important to partner with an architect service that understands the theme, elegance, and cohesivity of your design plan to truly implement it into your current property.

We serve as the architecture near me firm that connects the mind to the muscle! By joining forces with our interior designers, residential builders, and construction builders, we are able to complete an inclusive, extensive build-out for any residential, commercial, or industrial building.

When it comes to making a build come to life, an architect drawing is merely the beginning. By offering free 3D renderings of your design, we can send a detailed configuration to a structural engineering firm to complete structural calculations regarding the desired build. Once the technical aspects are hammered out, the structural calculations are further implemented to our head builders, who make your project come to life.

Home Remodeling and Home Renovation

When you create your design building plan, you follow a four step foundational structure to ensure that the integrity of the structure is correctly laid out. By starting with the design plan, one can further develop the structural base of the project at hand. Once a land allotment is allocated to the project, leveling, grading, paving, and excavation services are all implemented to ensure that the elevation is properly equipped to handle the project at hand. Finally, the build foundation is laid so the builders can make the 3D rendering come to life.

Building design and construction are two of the hottest topics in the architectural, contracting, and custom buildout industries today. Design-build is a method of project delivery in which one entity - the design-build team - works under a single contract with the project owner to provide design and construction services. Design-build, design-bid-build and construction management are the project management and delivery systems most commonly employed in our modern society. Design build has quickly become one of the most significant trends in design and construction today.

Keep in mind, when you're deciding on the "design build company near me," you want to find an all inclusive company that has singular responsibility for consultants, services, and agency contracting. This in-house delivery system has advantages revolving around faster deliver, cost savings, quality assurance, and reduced risk and litigation claims. Practitioner benefits include decreased administrative tasks and roles, increased market share, and finally, a higher profit margin especially for design-build companies in North Texas.

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